Entry Doors

Stunning and beautiful Exterior Doors

The Entry door is the focal point of the house and the first thing that catches the guests’ attention is the front door. The Entry door of the house should be beautiful and resistant to rain, sunlight and other weather changes.

Types of Entry doors

1. Wood Door

Wood entry doors are among the most expensive
and popular doors. Oak and walnut doors are very common, but the best of them
is mahogany, which is very hard and durable.

2. Fiberglass Door

There is no entry door that does not need maintenance,
but fiberglass doors need less maintenance than others. Fiberglass doors are
very durable and do not warp or deform. They are filled with foam and
insulated. You can also paint these doors to your desired design.

3. Steel door

Steel or other metal doors have been used for many
years due to their high efficiency and they are a suitable option for
entry doors. Metal is a good alternative to
wood and it is also used to make frames. These doors have a longer life and they
are easier to maintain and they are available in different and beautiful

4. Glass door

Glass doors are mostly used in the
back of the house and create a beautiful view of the yard. The use of glass
doors for the front door of the house is also very beautiful, but in these
cases, you should pay attention to strength and privacy.

Glass panels that are placed in wood
frames are a beautiful choice for house doors. Installation of these doors is
relatively expensive and requires special care. Glass doors are usually heavier
and more expensive than other doors.

5. Plywood door

Plywood doors are highly resistant to
moisture, fire, and impact. These doors are also a kind of sound insulation.
They have not bacteria because they have integrated surfaces.

Entry Doors

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 characteristic of our company entrance door

6 5/8” x 1 1/2” all uPVC welded frame with full aluminum reinforcement

Aluminum Reinforcement:
Frame comes standard with full aluminum reinforcement, which adds strength, performance, and security to the overall door frame

Distinct uPVC exterior brickmould to match frame finish

Aluminum Sill:
UPVC Welded sill, designed with offset drainage channels, with aluminum sill cover

Fiberglass panel, available in smooth or textured

Polyurethane Foam Core:
The insulation value is at least six times greater than a solid wood door. With an R-value of 12 it is the perfect solution for your home

Foam Weather Stripping Foam compression:
weathers tripping is used to provide an optimal secure tight seal around the perimeter of the door, which in winter keeps the cold air out

Adjustable Sweep:
Adjustable self-draining sweep with multi-bulb fins

Entry Doors

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