Sliding Doors

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Patio sliding doors create a combination of efficiency and beauty in the home space. The patio door provides the best opportunity for indoor access to natural light from the outside environment. The sliding doors of the opening part move on the fixed part and there is no need to allocate space for the opening of the opening, as a result, these doors take up less space than the other doors.

Types of patio door models

patio Sliding doors are made of different materials such as wood, plywood, MDF, and glass.  we talk about two of the most common types of these doors

1. Glass patio door

Glass Patio Sliding door is a pity that the beauties that exist in your yard and garden are hidden behind the doors of patios that are not transparent. So the best doors for patios and backyards are glass models.

2. Aluminum patio sliding door

Aluminum samples are one of the most common doors used for patios in today’s homes. The aluminum patio door has an aluminum frame that is placed around the glass.

Sliding Doors

Why choose a sliding door?
This type of door compared to other doors is that sliding doors open and close easily and take up less space compared to hinged doors. This is especially important for small spaces and views that have a special look. Sliding doors are compatible with any type of decoration, such as modern and traditional, and they can be easily matched with the decoration.

Why we love sliding doors?
Sliding doors are a stylish and modern way to add extra personality to your home. Not only do they look great anywhere, you’ll be enhancing the functionality of your space too. With our huge range of colours and styles, it’s no wonder so many people are choosing them.

Give your ideas to us
Sliding doors are available in different sizes, but our company makes your favorite door for your customers with any design and idea at the Proper price.

Free counseling services
If you are confused about choosing your door, just contact our consultants and get the necessary advice from them to choose the door you want.

Install the sliding door
One of the challenges with sliding doors is their installation. Installing such doors is a little more difficult and complicated than ordinary doors, but do not worry about this, the installation team with years of experience with the latest technology to the best Figure can install any type of sliding door.

Features of our company sliding door

All uPVC multi-chambered 5 3/4″ frame

Sash Panel:
Multi-chambered welded sash and all vertical stiles are steel reinforced

uPVC sloped sill with aluminum reinforcement, designed with offset drainage

Twin point hardware standard-white/white

Foam weather stripping:
Double weather stripping, and co-extruded bulb seal on the frame

Double-pane glass

Sliding Door can be standard or custom size, draw or write down your ideas and we well help you to choose best products with optimized prices to add value to your lovely home.

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