Swing Doors

Comfort in its most appealing form

Swing Door is one of the most common models of doors that can be moved in both directions inside and out. Swing Door is available in single or multiple hinges. This model of doors is used in patios, bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. This model of doors has different types of glass, aluminum, and wood. In this door model, each part of the door can be opened and closed alone and independently of the other.

Why should we choose a swing door?

1. Better air conditioning

2. Create an integrated and beautiful landscape for you

3. Easy cleaning

4. Easier to carry the large instrument

5. This door model is suitable for large spaces


Swing Patio Door
This door model is a type of Swing Door that is used to show the garden and yard as much as possible. If you want to avoid wasting energy inside the building or you want to install classic doors in the style of contemporary and traditional houses on the patio, this door model is very suitable. These doors are used as a combination of wood and glass or uPVC and glass frames as well as fiberglass.

Patio sliding doors
The importance of the patio door in the spring is more apparent than ever. That is the time when you should enjoy the beauties of this season to the fullest. These doors allow us to enjoy the beautiful space behind it and in addition, are very suitable for using the light and brightness of the outdoor space.

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Sliding Doors

Features of our company Swing Patio Door
6 5/8″ x 1 1/2″All uPVC multi-chambered welded frame

Aluminum Reinforcement:
Frame comes standard with full aluminum reinforcement. Which adds strength, performance, and security to the overall door frame

Welded uPVC exterior brickmould to match frame finish

Aluminum Sill:
uPVC Welded wept sill with aluminum reinforcement. Designed with offset drainage channels and a clear aluminum anodized sill cover

Aluminum Sill Extension:
The sill extension is designed to be incorporated into an existing wider wall sills wall applications that provide a decorative finish

uPVC Panel:
5″ Side stile uPVC welded sash, with aluminum reinforcement

uPVC Panel:
8″ Bottom rail uPVC welded sash with aluminum reinforcement (also available in 5″)

Adjustable Sweep:
Adjustable self-draining sweep with multi-bulb fins

Foam weather stripping:
Foam compression weather stripping is used to provide an optimal secure tight seal around the perimeter of the door, which keeps the cold air out during the winter months

Triple-pane glass (optional)

Exterior Sweep Hole:
When rain is trapped in this unique PVC channel, it is then released outside through the weep hole. A weep hole cover helps prevent insects from entering below the sill

Sliding Doors

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