The aluminum windows and doors are a very important part of the residential and commercial buildings. They are allowing the transition of some outside conditions to the inside; such as required daylight, natural fresh air etc. and preventing some of the others to pass inside, such as hot air in summer, cold air in winter, rainwater, and excessive air infiltration. Consequently, the aluminum door and window systems can filter the inside and outside conditions depending on your psychological and physiological requirements.
In addition to the filtering property, the aluminum windows and doors ane the main construction material for reducing the energy consumption of the whole building for heating and cooling sessions, and also generating the energy. This will give a chance to the architect for decreasing the contamination of the earth by reducing fuel consumption.
The architect and engineers can meet the aesthetic appearance and technical requirements for all kind of window and door systems. The Aluminum system has been tested and certified in accordance with the international (EN, DIN, BS, NF, ASTM) standards