About us

Our story started…

Shawn started his career by working in window manufacture when he was a teenager, he learned every process of production to not be limited to one section and became one of the top employees of the manufacturing company.

He was involved in sales, installation and after-sales service which allowed him to know everything about window and doors process from A to Z.

We saw design…

As 4th Generation in window industry he saw something more than just manufacturing, he saw new designs and different way of approaching customers.

He started by helping his own professors from college to renovate their houses, people always trusted him and foundation of his company URBAN WINDOWS AND DOORS has built on TRUST

Urban windows

At Shawn Sadr company he did what he knows the best, treat every customers like his own family and help and advise them to change their windows and doors like it was his own house.

We gathered experts of engineering and marketing in Urban to answer all your needs about choosing best windows and doors for your projects.

Urban windows

Since 2006 our mission was help every individual when they approach us to make right decision with the type of the windows and doors products and the installation services. 

This process allowed our company to be recognize in the industry not only as a window and door company but also as a window and door product and installation specialist.

As he would always tell his clients “If you don’t Love it, don’t buy it” because this is the only item in the house that would touch exterior and the interior of the house at the same time.