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Swing Doors

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Swing Doors

Swing Door are one of the most common models of doors that can be moved in both directions inside and out. Swing Door is available in single or multiple hinges. This model of doors is used in patios, bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. This model of doors has different types of glass, aluminum, and wood. In this door model, each part of the door can be opened and closed alone and independently of the other.

Why should we choose a Swing Door?

1. Better air conditioning? Better air quality?
2. Create an integrated and beautiful landscape for you
3. Easy cleaning
4. Easier to carry the large instrument?
5. Suitable for large spaces

Swing Patio Door

This door model is a type of Swing Door that is used to show the garden and yard as much as possible. If you want to avoid wasting energy inside the building or you want to install classic doors in the style of contemporary and traditional houses on the patio, this door model is very suitable. These doors are used as a combination of wood and glass or uPVC and glass frames as well as fiberglass.

Patio Sliding Doors

The importance of the patio door in the spring is more apparent than ever. That is the time when you should enjoy the beauties of this season to the fullest. These doors allow us to enjoy the beautiful space behind it and in addition, are very suitable for using the light and brightness of the outdoor space. We have offered all kinds of patio sliding doors in different designs and colors to you dear customers, just click on the word and see our wonderful designs.

Free Counseling Services

If you have any question about choosing your door, just contact our consultants and get the necessary advice from them to choose the door you want.

Features Of Our Company Swing Patio Door

Design Vinyl Windows

6 5/8″ x 1 1/2″All uPVC multi-chambered welded frame

Aluminum Reinforcement:
Frame comes standard with full aluminum reinforcement. Which adds strength, performance, and security to the overall door frame

Welded uPVC exterior brickmould to match frame finish

Aluminum Sill:
uPVC Welded wept sill with aluminum reinforcement. Designed with offset drainage channels and a clear aluminum anodized sill cover

Aluminum Sill Extension:
The sill extension is designed to be incorporated into an existing wider wall sills wall applications that provide a decorative finish

uPVC Panel:
5″ Side stile uPVC welded sash, with aluminum reinforcement

uPVC Panel:
8″ Bottom rail uPVC welded sash with aluminum reinforcement (also available in 5″)

Adjustable Sweep:
Adjustable self-draining sweep with multi-bulb fins

Foam Weather Stripping:
Foam compression weather stripping is used to provide an optimal secure tight seal around the perimeter of the door, which keeps the cold air out during the winter months

Triple-pane glass (optional)

Exterior Sweep Hole:
When rain is trapped in this unique PVC channel, it is then released outside through the weep hole. A weep hole cover helps prevent insects from entering below the sill.

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What People Say

I just replaced all my windows and doors I am so happy with quality and workmanship special thanks to mathew and shawn I will definitely recommend windowcity.
Alpay Duzguner
Client Of Company
Our new home Windows were replaced by Shawn’s team. We love the design and the patio door is gorgeous. We had a cracked window in winter which was fixed by their service guy few days after we called. Highly recommended.
Masumi Aimiya
Client Of Company
We were looking for a good window company. Friend of mine mentioned Shawn from window city. He sent Matthew to our house. He was a very Polite guy we are so happy with the windows and service.
Jeffrey Gaggi
Client Of Company
Shopping for windows and doors can be challenging. I am pleased to say WindowCity and Shawn went above and beyond to ensure everything is done right. We are very happy with the product and the installation. Shawn was a professional throughout the whole process and made sure all our concerns were addressed.
Ari Saeidi-Pour
Client Of Company
I am a custom home builder from Washington DC. For the past six years, I have purchased all my windows and doors from Window City through Matthew Aman. I had only two minor issues in over 20 projects. Very happy with products, price and customer service. Highly recommend working with Matthew in Shawn’s team.
Vahid Mashkoufi
Client Of Company
I was looking for windows and didn't know where to turn, I asked around and priced-shopped quite a bit. What sold me to work with the brand was Shawn, and his professionalism in working with me to get my selections and order completed. The products were as promised, and I now consider them the "Audi, Mercedes, BMW" of windows in their industry. If you're building a custom home, go with Window City, and work with Shawn. You CAN'T GO WRONG.
Saad Akhtar
Client Of Company

Frequently Asked Questions

We are constantly growing, learning, and improving and our partners are steadily increasing.
Replacing doors can vary based on the model, size and components of the door. We can give you quote including the cost for replacing the materials of the door, delivery and installation.. We always recommend to get a free estimation and quote for windows replacement so you can choose better.

Swing doors can open in one direction. They are used in an all-glass structure and they are perfect for corridors in kitchens. They are the best option for kitchen especially at the times that your both hands are full and you can’t open or close the door.

Maximum door width is 42” and minimum door width is 30”. We offer customization of color of swing doors and with transom and sidelites to fit larger openings.

Swing doors are made from different materials such as aluminum, metal, glass, wood and, etc. Swing doors don’t have a broad opening area and they can occupy door space for the opening of the door. Therefore, when you are choosing a swing door for your home, you can to pay attention to its material, safety, design and functionality

We provide different kind of swing doors as below:

Right Swing Inswing: These doors get open by pushing with visible pins on the side and the door handle is located on the left-hand side of the panel

Right Swing Door Outswing: The right swing pull doors get open by pulling the handle which is located at the left side of the door panel, and the pins are visible on the pulling side.

Left Swing Door Inswing: The left swing push door get open from inside by making a push and the handle is installed on the right side of the door’s panel.

Left Swing Door Outswing: The Left swing door pull is opened outside by pulling it and the door handle is installed on the right side of door panel.

Double Swing Doors: are great for people who care about the style. The glass on these doors divides into equal parts and mic classic designs with modern design. This interesting design can almost with any kind of home designs.

Swinging Closet Doors: Swinging doors are available is right, left, push and pull types with different styles and layouts. These doors can be excellent for a home makeover.

Commercial Swing Doors: By using commercial swing doors you can get the best use of your space, develop your productivity and make a charming environment for you house with a passionate vibe

Usual outside doors always open from inside for many reasons such as safety. Doors which open inward have pins on the inside of your house, this will make them more difficult to access the door from outside. But this feature is not that important these days because special security hinges are broadly available. But regardless of all these points, more customers are interested in doors that swing inward. I locations that very bad storm or hurricanes happen a lot, exterior doors are usually made to swing outward.

Outward swinging doors are more stable toward strong winds or storms because a huge outside pressure will push the door against the house. In Canada, this kind of weather doesn’t happen very often and that’s why you see that most of the times exterior doors swing inward. Some outside doors like doors that lead the way to patio and balcony, might swing outward for some reasons. Because Balcony doors on apartments are a perfect sample of the doors that can swing both inward or outward. You just need the door to swing in the least intrusive way and depending on the house architecture, it could be outward if the door is in the middle of the room. On the other hand, outward swinging doors are more water resistant and easier to use. They need enough space on the exterior side to work easily, this means you patio or porch should be big enough to fulfill this need. Also, outward swinging doors are harder to get open by force

Also, double acting doors, also known as double swinging doors, can be a single door or a combine of multiple doors in which the doors are able to move in both directions and return to the center by itself. Double action doors don’t need door stops or traditional door frames.

We offer fire-rated swing doors which operated manually and are designed for spaces that needs fire protection based on building code.

We do offer warranty for swing doors for material and installation, ask our sales representative to share the detailed warranty agreement with you to review.

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