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Choosing the suitable door and window is a difficult task, even if you have chosen the suitable door and window, it is difficult to install and you will face a big problem with the slightest mistake. But you may be wondering why you should replace your doors and windows?

Why you should replace your doors and windows?

  1. Energy Efficiency

You can easily put a candle on the edge of your window and door to realize the waste of heating energy of your home. Waste of energy is one of the problems of all of us, but you can easily prevent this problem by replacing doors and windows and reduce the amount of money paid for your bill

  1. Maintenance

Older windows and doors require maintenance – scraping, painting, and caulking. Newer windows and doors feature low maintenance cladding, a protective exterior covering that requires minimal maintenance. It is better to change the old door and window instead of paying a lot of money.

  1. Increase the value

Replacing doors and windows, in addition to reducing energy consumption, increases the beauty of your home and makes you more satisfied with your home, as well as increasing the value of your home and attracting more buyers.

5 warning signs to replace your windows and doors

  • Outside noise. If you are hearing outside noise when your windows are closed, chances are they aren’t providing enough acoustic insulation.
  • Replacement parts are hard to find or have been discontinued.
  • Opening or closing them has become difficult.
  • Drafts can be felt coming in around the window or door.
  • Visible damage. There’s chipping, deterioration, or water stains on or around the window.

Why should we choose an urban company?

We all go through four steps to replace our doors and windows, which are:





If you decide to replace your doors and windows, our consultants are by your side to guide you. In this way, you can get the highest quality doors and windows from our company at the best price

Skilled specialists with years of experience in replacing doors and windows will do this for you in the best way and with the most up-to-date equipment.

Skilled consultants of urban company

You do not like your old doors and windows and have decided to replace them with suitable doors and windows? Are you planning to buy doors and windows for your new home? Your window is broken and you do not know where to replace it? There is no need to worry at all, urban company with years of experience in the fields of sales, installation, and replacement of doors and windows is ready to provide specialized and completely free advice in this area to all esteemed customers and users.

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What People Say

We bought our windows from Window City. Matthew Aman took care of our project very professionally. We’re so happy that we have referred several friends and family to them. I would definitely recommend contacting Matthew and Shawn’s team.
Elnaz Valili
Client Of Company
Satisfied with quality and service. We love our picture window in living room. I recommend working with Matthew and Shawn.
Meran Ism (DADS)
Client Of Company
Product is perfect, service is good and their sales team is the best ! They knew what they’re doing. Very happy overall. I would definitely recommend them specially Matthew from Shawn’s team.
Ramin Kalantar
Client Of Company
I had the pleasure of working with Shawn, the turn around time is quick, as a renovator, builder, or end user, the value and quality is unmatched. They're the quintessential brand for all window types for new construction homes.
Sunny Abbasi
Client Of Company
I had the best experience working with Nima from Shawn's team who sold me windows for my new house. He is knowledgeable, polite, reliable and super professional! He took time to show me all the options , he walked me through all the prices and made sure I picked the best option based on my budget and what I was looking for. I do highly recomend window city and specifically Nima from Shawn's team!
Mahsa Abdi
Client Of Company
I had a great experience with Nima from Shawn's team. I was uncertain about what I was looking for and Nima kept coming back to my house to go over options that would work for me . He was very patient with me and wanted to make sure I make the best choice. He was even available to answer my questions and concerns during the installation as well. I definitely recommend Nima to anyone looking for windows and doors.
Soheila Danesh
Client Of Company

Frequently Asked Questions

We are constantly growing, learning, and improving and our partners are steadily increasing.

Window replacement, doesn’t really need cleaning up after the installation is done and it is not a messy process, unless you want to do it yourself! All companies should clean up after they are done with the installation. The installing team should have big shop vacuums to take care of all debris or small pieces of broken windows. The Installation team will even take the old windows with themselves. So, you don’t need to worry about hours of cleaning after the replacement is finish.

That are some signs showing you need to replace your old windows as below:

1. Your Energy Bill increased

Older houses with a single-pane windows don’t have suitable insulation. This causes your air conditioning and heating system to work difficulty. If you want to save money you should replace your old windows with double or triple-pane windows. New windows are energy-efficient and prevent air circulation to get in and out your house.

2. Windows are damaged or wet

A very obvious sign that is telling you to change your old windows is that your window framed are cracked or rotting. If your can dry the wet areas on the glass panels and you can see the moisture that is building up between the panes or if you can hear the whistling sound of wind on a windy night, then you should act for replacing your old windows.

3. You are having problem in opening and closing windows

If you have a difficult time in opening and closing your windows, many reasons can cause that. Such as dirt or dust, or a very tight spring or an issue with the roller performance. You should be able to open, close and lock your windows without any problem. If any of your window’s face one of these problems, you have to think about replacing them because this can cause air to move out of your home space and it can lead to safety issues as well.

4. You need a soundproof environment

If your windows can’t prevent the outside noises from coming inside, then you have to replace them. Single-pane windows will bring the sound vibrations inside from outside environment to your house much easier than double or triple-pane models. Moreover, new energy-efficient windows will also soak up the sound waves before they enter your house.

As we mentioned before, you don’t need to worry about cleaning after the window replacement. The installation team will do the cleaning after the process is done with the special service vacuums. If you want, you can vacuum yourself one more time after the team is done but you can make sure it that it is not going to be a messy and stressful process for you and your family.

Yes, it is necessary that you will be home for the replacement. It would be a good idea if you can deactivate all home alarm systems when the crew arrive and clear the way for staff and their tools. You can also cover your furniture and keep your children and pets away from the work area.

The windows will be installed about 1-2 weeks after they have been ordered by customer.

A professional and experienced team will do their best to prevent any damage from happening but accidents do happen. To decrease the chance of a damage or accident from happening, remove wobbly items like vase, picture frames or floor lamps from the work area. The process of replacement can shake the walls so remove breakable items from walls and working area. Installer crew will bring their own cloths and plastics to protect your floor in the work field but let them know if there are any other surfaces or spaces that you need to protected or if they have to be gentler on that area. Also remove the curtains for replacing windows so you can use them again. But if you have difficulties in removing your curtains or shades, the installed crew will also do that for you, wrap them in a plastic bag and put them back when the work is done.

Replacing doors can vary based on the material, size and components of it. We always recommend to get a free estimation and quote for windows replacement so you can choose better.

Windows can be replaced at any time of the year. Whether is it sunny or rainy or snowing outside. But they are some challenges that might happen during a very cold or wet and rainy day. Windows can be installed in winter and even temperatures up to -20C. Of course, some difficulties can come up during the installation. For example, cutting the vinyl in new windows will get harder specially for windows that need many cuts such as bay windows, for these kinds of windows, it is better to wait until spring for their replacement. Moreover, in many cases, the replacement is possible during rain but this will again depend on many things. For example, extreme wind and heavy rain can make the replacement difficult because it can cause safety issues for the installation team. Also, heavy rain can cause moisture to enter your house which we are trying to prevent mostly by replacing a high-quality window. Our installers are experienced for doing the replacement in all kind of weathers and if the weather condition is very bad, they can always reschedule to complete the replacement process

You can definitely choose between the models of our manufacturing styles; we also offer custom made doors for you.

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