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Vinyl Windows

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What is a vinyl window system?

Vinyl frames are made primarily from Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). This products has many advantages:


Is vinyl good for windows?

Vinyl can last over 20 years. A quality vinyl window will also save you money on energy bills because the insulation in the frame of the window itself is energy efficient. Vinyl windows require no maintenance its high quality finish does not required painting.

How long does vinyl windows last?

Vinyl window life expectancy is 20 -40 years. All due to how much sun exposure heat can alse play a role in window determination, hot climate might require more frequent window replacement.

Why use vinyl windows?

  1. Urban vinyl windows have been tested for all types of weather, durability and color retention.
  2. Improve your windows strength and energy efficiency. These windows help slow the transfer of heat and provide extra support to your window.
  3. Virtually maintenance-free & Non-corroding.

Type of Vinyl Windows

Our vinyl windows & patio doors are made to provide any specifications with flexibility and custom design.

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We bought our windows from Window City. Matthew Aman took care of our project very professionally. We’re so happy that we have referred several friends and family to them. I would definitely recommend contacting Matthew and Shawn’s team.
Elnaz Valili
Client Of Company
Satisfied with quality and service. We love our picture window in living room. I recommend working with Matthew and Shawn.
Meran Ism (DADS)
Client Of Company
Product is perfect, service is good and their sales team is the best ! They knew what they’re doing. Very happy overall. I would definitely recommend them specially Matthew from Shawn’s team.
Ramin Kalantar
Client Of Company
I had the pleasure of working with Shawn, the turn around time is quick, as a renovator, builder, or end user, the value and quality is unmatched. They're the quintessential brand for all window types for new construction homes.
Sunny Abbasi
Client Of Company
I had the best experience working with Nima from Shawn's team who sold me windows for my new house. He is knowledgeable, polite, reliable and super professional! He took time to show me all the options , he walked me through all the prices and made sure I picked the best option based on my budget and what I was looking for. I do highly recomend window city and specifically Nima from Shawn's team!
Mahsa Abdi
Client Of Company
I had a great experience with Nima from Shawn's team. I was uncertain about what I was looking for and Nima kept coming back to my house to go over options that would work for me . He was very patient with me and wanted to make sure I make the best choice. He was even available to answer my questions and concerns during the installation as well. I definitely recommend Nima to anyone looking for windows and doors.
Soheila Danesh
Client Of Company

Frequently Asked Questions

We are constantly growing, learning, and improving and our partners are steadily increasing.

Vinyl windows frames are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This material is used commonly in pipes, flooring and nowadays windows. As it is polymer, different manufacturers use specific components to make the material impenetrable to UV rays. But other than that vinyl windows have many other benefits as below:

1. Weather Resistant:

Vinyl is impenetrable towards heat, water and UV. This material won’t rot, reshape or bend in different weather status. This is very important specially in areas that are exposed to long periods of rain or moisture.

2. Long lasting:

One of the advantages of this windows is that they are durable because of being resistant toward heat and cold. They can last more than 20 years which will turn them to a good investment option

3. Eco Efficient:

Vinyl windows preserve energy very well which means they don’t let heat enter or exit your home environment which also turn it to an eco-friendly material as well because we have to say, they are recyclable as well.

4. Soundproof:

Vinyl is also a soundproof material. It doesn’t let outside noise let into your house. This is a very important benefit because it can bring peace and quite for your home environment.

5. Easy to clean:

The only thing that you need for cleaning vinyl frames is a soft cleaning material and water. This won’t scratch the frame or remove its color.

We can mention other benefits of vinyl windows such as multiple color options, Easy and fast installation and being cost-effective.

We provide a wide range of styles for vinyl windows as below:

Double ung Windows: These windows work by sliding them up ad down through window frame. This is one of the most usual window styles.

Casement Window: These windows hung on one side and work by opening them to one side.

Awning Windows: These windows hang from top and work by opening them from bottom of the window.

Glider Windows: These windows (also known as sliding windows) work by sliding from one side to another.

Picture window: These windows are one of the modern styles for home spaces. Picture windows are designed to put the architecture of your home into a spotlight.

Bow Windows: These windows are made of four or more windows with the same sized combined together to make a bend shape. Bow windows came through from an outside wall like Bay widows.

Bay Windows: These windows came through an outside wall and consist of three sides. Usually, these types of windows are immobilized and build in the center and separated by two smaller windows on each side.

Replacing vinyl windows can vary based on the profile, size and components of the windows. We can give you quote including the cost for replacing the materials, labor and installation. We always recommend to get a free estimation and quote for windows replacement so you can choose better.
Approximate manufacturing time is between 8-10 weeks due to recent supply chain issues, we communicate with you and keep you updated in every step so you can schedule.
We offer customization of windows for all projects. We can manufacture maximum height for one piece casement up to 36” wide x 72” height and for fixed windows we can do up to 72”x108” one piece (condition applied). Mulled units have different rules which can be determined based on project’s needs.

Vinyl windows are available in many colors such as red, brow. Green, blue and grey.

The most popular color options are as below:

White: This is a the most common color among customers. It is simple and traditional.

Black: By choosing black vinyl windows you can bring contrast to your home environment. It also matches very good with white or other light colors in home decorations,

Adobe: this is a gray-brownish color. It matched really well with neutral colors such as brown, gray, sage or gray-blue.

Bronze: This color is in contrast with light colors but you can choose it for many home decorations and structured. It has a modern color texture and make your house sophisticated.

Pebble: This is a light brown color with some textures of gray. This shade of color cat match with many other colors.

Colonial Blue: This is a color for home-owners who are looking for more color shades in their home environment. This color is delicate and has a long-lasting beauty

Tan: This is for home owners who are looking for light color that is not white. This color matches with many other colors as good as white.

Many home owners are interested in natural wood color options which are also available for vinyl windows as below:

Cherry Wood: This wood texture has red color tones, one of the most favorite colors between home owners.

Dark oak: This is a warm brown color which has dark wood texture underneath it.

English oak: This color consists of blond and warm brown texture.

All of our windows come with warranty and PVC profiles are under life time warranty.
The best type of glass that should be used for vinyl windows are double pane glass windows. When these types of glasses combine with windows, it can make a great barrier between inside and outside areas. The reason is that the two panes of glass are separated by a layer of air and this is what makes them act as an insulator. When this glass is combined with vinyl window, you are going to have an energy efficient product for your home or office. We offer triple pane windows which has an additional layer of insulator and won’t let inside noise out and vice versa.
Yes, Vinyl windows preserve energy very well which means they don’t let heat enter or exit your home environment which also turn it to an eco-friendly material as well because we have to say, they are recyclable as well.
We offer double or single hung windows with the size range if 24 to 30 inches wide and about 48 to 60 inches high.
Vinyl windows can make your home safe in many aspects. Breaking into houses by smashing windows might happen for many people and no one want to experience something like that. The main reason that many glasses can get smashed easily is because of having a single paned glass. In order to avoid that, you can use double or triple paned glasses for vinyl windows. Also, Vinyl windows are resistance toward weather damages like heavy rains or storms. When a window frame holds too much moisture in it, the material inside can rot easily after a while. When a frame face this much damages, the outside treats can easily break into your house. Also, vinyl windows are compatible with most security hardware and you can make your home secure with vinyl windows as much as possible. We offer laminated glass for vinyl windows which makes them extremely secure from break and entry.
Choosing the material either aluminum windows or vinyl can differ based on the projects and home owner’s needs. Vinyl windows can be a cost-efficient choice for replacement

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