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Lift & Slide Doors

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Lift & Slide Doors

The term “lift and slide” refer to different mechanisms that impact the opening of the doors, influencing their performance and overall look. it’s important to decide which operation you think will best suit your needs.

Lift & Slide Urban Doors:

Lift and slide doors take advantage of the handle to slide open. When the handle is turned 180°, the door is raised a few millimeters onto the rollers, which reduces the friction and makes opening even the heaviest doors easy. Due to this reduced friction, lift and slide doors appear even lighter and easier to manoeuvre.

The lift and slide mechanism allows for the door to be locked in place when opened just by turning the handle, which is a useful safety measure for those who have children and don’t want doors opened accidentally.

For those who aren’t familiar, is a door that uses special hardware allowing the panels to lift off their track and weather-stripping and glide open or closed. When it’s time to close the glass doors, the handle lowers the panels on the track for a tight fit.
Lift & Slide Doors are also available in all product types although the slimmest sightlines will be typically available with aluminium options. Composite and timber options can provide improved thermal performance but normally come with a slightly larger profile. uPVC can provide a good cost alternative to aluminium but again the sightline will generally increase and the sizes are more limited due to profile strength.

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I had the best experience working with Nima from Shawn's team who sold me windows for my new house. He is knowledgeable, polite, reliable and super professional! He took time to show me all the options , he walked me through all the prices and made sure I picked the best option based on my budget and what I was looking for. I do highly recomend window city and specifically Nima from Shawn's team!
Mahsa Abdi
Client Of Company
We got a recommendation from a friend to use window city for our custom built homes, we have had the pleasure of dealing with Nima who’s a representative of window city and has taken care of all our concerns and always reassured Prestine service, I recommend window city for any person who’s looking for quality windows to their unique homes.
Ilyas Raja
Client Of Company
My neighbor changed his windows 2 years ago and he is satisfy to choose Window city and he referred me Nima , I replaced all of my windows last month , now I have a beautiful windows that installed professionally , special thanks to Nima for helpful guidance and arrangements
Alissa Lee
Client Of Company
I had a great experience with Nima from Shawn's team. I was uncertain about what I was looking for and Nima kept coming back to my house to go over options that would work for me . He was very patient with me and wanted to make sure I make the best choice. He was even available to answer my questions and concerns during the installation as well. I definitely recommend Nima to anyone looking for windows and doors.
Soheila Danesh
Client Of Company
I am a custom home builder from Washington DC. For the past six years, I have purchased all my windows and doors from Window City through Matthew Aman. I had only two minor issues in over 20 projects. Very happy with products, price and customer service. Highly recommend working with Matthew in Shawn’s team.
Vahid Mashkoufi
Client Of Company

Frequently Asked Questions

We are constantly growing, learning, and improving and our partners are steadily increasing.

Replacing or installing a new sliding door can cost different based on the profile and material of the doors. We always recommend to get a free estimation and quote for windows replacement so you can choose better. We offer customization of sliding doors with transom and sidelites to fit larger openings and bring light to your lovely house

Sliding doors are stylish and modern. There are single, double and triple-track sliding doors available in the market with different kind of materials such as wood, glass, aluminum, steel or fiberglass. Sliding doors have so many benefits which we point put out some of them as below:

1. Appearance:

Sliding doors are beautiful and elegant. You can choose a door that matches with the personality if your home. You can replace a sliding door with a solid wall and get free from the feeling of trapping in a tight space and make your house look bigger and brighter.

2. Access outdoor easily:

Sliding doors provide easy access to outdoor areas such as backyards. They are very useful for spend a lot of time in kitchen because they can have a convenient access to outdoor areas and let them to spend more time for guest during a pool party or barbecue gathering. Also slide doors give you the chance of having a wider entryway space in compare to swing doors. For example, you can move a big piece of furniture from slider doors easily and with no trouble.

3. Safety:

Sliding glass doors are safe because they are installed on tracks and they don’t move backwards which can reduce the risk of smashing to someone’s face when you open the door. Also, when there is a strong wind or storm outside, the wind can’t shout the door

in a harsh way. Sliding glass doors don’t shut into pieces and minimize the risk of someone getting hurt.

4. Increase the level of airing:

Sliding doors can increase the level or air circulation in an efficient way, both as an inside or outside entry door. They are more like a very huge glass windows that you can open at anytime when you need the fresh air to enter your home space.

5. Security:

Sliding doors security is guaranteed. These doors fit perfectly on their tracks and the door will keep shut tight. There is a hook-over benefit that cause the door to lock in the right place and prevent it from getting out of its frame. Most of these doors are equipped with safety glasses and they can’t be damaged even with a brutal hit. This feature makes sliding doors to be resistible for home invasion or burglary.

Beside all the important benefits the we mentioned above, you should choose sliding doors because they can add value to your home. According to Real Estate websites statistics, you can sell a home with sliding doors, 13.4% more than the other homes in the market.

Moreover, with sliding door, you can have a very good view of some parts of your house. It can be your backyard or front yard. But you can keep an eye on your kids or dogs while they are playing outside and you are enjoying the view while cooking your favorite meal.

More importantly, don’t forger the natural light of a sunny day that is reflecting on your coach while you are reading your book or drinking a cup of coffee on a breezy winter day.

Beside all of that, sliding doors are energy efficient. They can decrease the money that you have to pay for your power bills and they can filter UV rays and protect you from skin cancer.

Sliding doors frame are usually made of steel, aluminum, wood or stainless steel. Among these materials, steel have the best strength and the usual material use for sliding doors is PVC plastic.

The best selection for your door depends on your personal taste, home environment and the place that you live based on the weather and temperature. But ay of above materials can work for you.

Based on the material and profile of sliding doors we can provide min height of 80” up to 120 inches sliding doors. We offer customization of sliding doors with transom and sidelites to fit larger openings. Mulled unit sliding doors have different min and max sizes which can be determined based on project’s needs.

The best way for securing your sliding doors is to use a sliding door lock. These lock ca be installed on the top of your door. These locks are beside the door locks and only an adult or a very tall child can reach out to open them.

Sliding patio door offer better security in compare to some other doors such as French doors. Sliding patio doors use enclosed frames and glass pack to provide higher energy efficiency in compare to other old-school doors.

Sliding patio doors are so popular and one of the reasons is that they are thermally efficient. They are actually huge windows and have all standard features and support energy-efficient technology. The level of your sliding patio energy-efficiency depends on the model that you select. These sliding patio doors can be double or triple pane and have Low-E coverage for UV ray. These doors should be adaptable with different kind of weather and should have extra thermal foam installation inside the stiles, rails and frame. Even the best thermal efficient doors can’t deliver you the results that you want if they won’t get installed professionally. You should ask for a professional installer to replace or install your new sliding patio door and then you can make sure that you will receive the highest level of energy efficiency possible.
Yes, low threshold is available with patio doors. Often, manufacturers make a low, rounded or beveled threshold on each side of the door, to decrease the risk of patio doors to fall down or slip which should also follow the standard building protocols.
Sliding doors and windows/doors shouldn’t necessarily match, it depends on your taste. But you can choose matching windows and sliding doors if you are looking for a more blended look, but as we said, it is totally fine if you choose the one that doesn’t match. This option is completely depending on you and your preferences.
If you are more interested in classic or modern styles, you should choose black, white and grey for you sliding doors. If you are more a fan of traditional styles, you should choose natural wood or neutral shady colors that look very good in many home spaces. You can also choose a vivid color for the inside frame to make your window look much more noticeable. You should choose a color that match your home vibe and personality. For example, if you are looking for an energetic vibe, go for bright colors.
You can definitely use sliding and patio doors for exposed locations, we can offer internal blinding to bring more privacy to your house.

All of our aluminum windows profile has life time warranty and we will stand by our installation if we provide the services for you. Ask our sales team to provide the detailed warranty agreement for you to review.

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