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Entry Doors

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Stunning and beautiful Exterior Doors

The Entry door is the focal point of the house and the first thing that catches the guests’ attention. The Entry door of the house should be beautiful and resistant to rain, sunlight and other weather changes.

Types of Entry doors

1. Wood Doors

Wood entry doors are among the most expensive and popular doors. Oak and walnut doors are very common, but the best of them is mahogany, which is very hard and durable.

2. Fiberglass Doors

There are no entry doors that do not need require, fiberglass doors need less maintenance than others. Fiberglass doors are very durable and do not warp or deform. They are filled with foam and insulated. You can also paint these doors to your desired design.

3. Steel door

Steel or other metal doors have been used for many years, due to their high efficiency and they are a suitable option for entry doors. Metal is a good alternative to wood and it is also used to make frames. These doors have a longer life and they are easier to maintain they are available in different and beautiful colors.

4. Glass door

Glass doors are mostly used in the back of the house and create a beautiful view of the yard. The use of glass doors for the front door of the house is also very beautiful, but in these cases, you should pay attention to strength and privacy. Glass panels that are placed in wood frames are a beautiful choice for house doors. Installation of these doors is relatively expensive and requires special care. Glass doors are usually heavier and more expensive than other doors.

5. Plywood door

Plywood doors are highly resistant to moisture, fire, and impact. These doors are also a sound insulation. They have no bacteria because they have integrated surfaces.

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Entry Doors

Characteristic of Our Company Entrance Door

6 5/8” x 1 1/2” all uPVC welded frame with full aluminum reinforcement

Aluminum Reinforcement:
Frame comes standard with full aluminum reinforcement, which adds strength, performance, and security to the overall door frame

Distinct uPVC exterior brickmould to match frame finish

Aluminum Sill:
UPVC Welded sill, designed with offset drainage channels, with aluminum sill cover

Fiberglass panel, available in smooth or textured

Polyurethane Foam Core:
The insulation value is at least six times greater than a solid wood door. With an R-value of 12 it is the perfect solution for your home

Foam Weather Stripping Foam compression:
weathers tripping is used to provide an optimal secure tight seal around the perimeter of the door, which in winter keeps the cold air out

Adjustable Sweep:
Adjustable self-draining sweep with multi-bulb fins

Sliding Doors can be standard or custom, we will help you to choose best products with optimized prices to add value to your lovely home.

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What People Say

Window City provides a great product and service from start to finish. Matthew from Urban Windows and Doors is amazing. He provides great consultation and timely follow up.
Kim Mueller
Client Of Company
I have known Matthew for some time. The first experience working with him gave me the confidence and satisfaction any client can expect from a company. He is knowledgable, honest, and reliable. Since then I have introduced him to many people for new windows whom all have thanked me for the great work that Matthew and his team have done for them.
Nasser Banai
Client Of Company
I have done a lot of research to choose the company for my windows but the more I looked more I got confused then I met Matthew Aman who introduced Window City’s products, explained everything in a simple way to me and answered all my questions about vinyl windows. His installation team was amazing they finished whole house in 3 days. Very happy with my decision.
Nasir Ismailsoy
Client Of Company
We were looking for a good window company. Friend of mine mentioned Shawn from window city. He sent Matthew to our house. He was a very Polite guy we are so happy with the windows and service.
Jeffrey Gaggi
Client Of Company
We bought our windows from Window City. Matthew Aman took care of our project very professionally. We’re so happy that we have referred several friends and family to them. I would definitely recommend contacting Matthew and Shawn’s team.
Elnaz Valili
Client Of Company
I had a great experience with Nima from Shawn's team. I was uncertain about what I was looking for and Nima kept coming back to my house to go over options that would work for me . He was very patient with me and wanted to make sure I make the best choice. He was even available to answer my questions and concerns during the installation as well. I definitely recommend Nima to anyone looking for windows and doors.
Soheila Danesh
Client Of Company

Frequently Asked Questions

We are constantly growing, learning, and improving and our partners are steadily increasing.

Replacing entry doors can vary based on the material, size and components of them. We can give you quote including the cost for the entry door and installation. We always recommend to get a free estimation and quote for windows replacement so you can choose better.

We provide Steel doors, Fiberglass doors and Aluminum doors.

Steel and Fiberglass Front doors need some amount of maintenance. These Front doors made from strong material that can hold out against scratches and dents.

To decide about which material is the best for your front door, you have to decide which factors are more important for your home. You have to compare which of these material’s performance work the best for you. If you are interested in having a front door with a glass panel, we will customize the door for you to get the designed you desire.

Maximum door width is 42” and minimum door width is 30”. We offer customization of color of swing doors and with transom and sidelites to fit larger openings.

There are many concerns about privacy when it comes to decorative door glass. Every style of glass come with a privacy rating from 1-10, and the rate 10 is the most private glass. Moreover, you can choose a layered glass that improve the level of your privacy even more. While choosing a glass for your front door, it is very important to pay attention to your home’s neighborhood area and choose the best front door glass for your property. If you have a big frond yard with a nice view, it is better to choose a large decorative glass pane with a lower level of privacy to enjoy the view and keep your privacy at the same time. If your house located in a main road, it is better to choose less glass for your front door or a glass with higher level of privacy.

You can add glass to most doors, no matter if they are fiberglass, steel or wood doors. We can install glass behind your doors and inside the existing frame instead of changing the original pane of glass. This is a very good method for someone who wants to add glass to their door and have privacy at the same time and also stay safe during the time of hurricane and storms.

It doesn’t matter if you have a fiberglass, steel, or an aluminum door. In any case, we can install glass behind your doors also, patterned glass will provide the privacy that you are looking for. Glass does have different colors and mistiness and can match many different designs and styles. Your door can make the best firs impressions and represent the style of your family.

There are many different front door styles available in the market. By this variety, it might be difficult to choose the best style for your front door. You have to choose a style that matches your daily need and performance. If you are familiar with different style of front doors, it will be easier for you to choose the best front door for your property entrance.

1. Glass Door

A front glass door brings the natural light to your house. You can enjoy the natural light of outdoors just inside your house without insect and other outdoor annoyance bother you. There are many different glasses with different styles, sizes and colors are available for your front door. You can install a double-pane glass for your door to increase the level of privacy if your want. This can also offer you extra security, resistant and coverage.

2. Speakeasy Door

Speakeasy doors include a small window that opens within the doors and you can close it with a latch. There is also a metal grater available over the opening. The window is perfect for a safe greeting with a visitor or stranger who is outside the door. The design of this door is very interesting and fun and it will give your house a specific style and character.

4. Double Door

Double doors have specific style. They are really eye-catching as the front door house. Double door offers a very good space for getting in and out of the house. These doors are available in different materials such as wood, steel, glass and fiberglass. Also, double doors can be a combination of all these materials.

5. Solid Aluminum Door

If you are looking for a secure and strong door, these doors can be the best option for you. But they are a bit expensive in compare to other doors. We can design the look of these aluminum doors by painting them to the color of your choice.

6. Steel Door

Steel front doors have high security, resistance and they are energy-efficient. Steels are available in different gauges. When the gauge is lower, the steel will be thicker. Steel doors have different styles, you can eventually find a style that matches your taste. Harsh weather can some impact on these doors and they might dent by strong wind or storms.

7. Fiberglass Door

Fiberglass front doors are becoming more popular. Many of them look like wooden doors. So, if this is the look that you have in mind, you can count on it. You can benefit from the beautiful look of wooden doors without the need of high maintenance. There are variety of styles for

Fiberglass doors but you can find a door that fit your property. Fiberglass door are very energy-efficient and strong. Their durability helps to prevent any criminal activity or break ins to happen.

8. Door with Sidelights

Sidelight doors are another style of front door that give you the opportunity to enjoy the natural sun in your home space. If you are interested in having a full glass door, sidelights can offer you natural light that you are looking for. There doors can be made from any material. Therefore, you have many options while choosing a sidelight and you have a choose a material that is durable and energy-efficient

We have different color options for entry doors and among them black is the most popular color and then blue and green. But we provide different colors for our customers as below:

  • Black
  • White
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Multi-Colored
  • Modern
  • Weatherstripping
  • Green
  • Red

We do offer warranty for our doors for material and installation, ask our sales representative to share the detailed warranty agreement with you to review.

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