Swing Patio Door

  • Frame
    6 5/8” x 1 1/2”All uPVC multi-chambered welded frame
  • Aluminum Reinforcement
    Frame comes standard with full aluminum reinforcement. Which adds strength, performance, and security to the overall door frame
  • Brickmould
    Welded uPVC exterior brickmould to match frame finish
  • Aluminum Sill
    uPVC Welded weeped sill with aluminum reinforcement. Designed with offset drainage channels and a clear aluminum anodized sill cover
  • Aluminum Sill Extension
    The sill extension is designed to be incorporated to an existing wider wall sills wall applications that provides a decorative finish
  • uPVC Panel
    5“ Side stile uPVC welded sash, with aluminum reinforcement
  • uPVC Panel
    8” Bottom rail uPVC welded sash with aluminum reinforcement (also available in 5”)
  • Adjustable Sweep
    Adjustable self-draining sweep with multi-bulb fins
  • Foam weather stripping
    Foam compression weather stripping is used to provide an optimal secure tight seal around the perimeter of the door, which keeps the cold air out during winter months
  • Glass
    Triple-pane glass (optional)
  • Exterior Sweep Hole
    When rain is trapped in this unique PVC channel, it is then released outside through the weep hole. A weep hole cover helps prevent insects from entering below the sill


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